Basic Unix Commands For Java Developers

1. cd

cd Directory name

2. cd ..

go to just one level above parent folder


rm -rf repository/

remove repository folder and subfolder also

4. ps -ef

show running processes.

5. ps -ef| grep tomcat7

show  tomcat7 ‘s all processes.

6.  ifconfig

show ip address in ubuntu

7. sudo service tomcat7 status

show tomcat running status


sudo service tomcat7 stop

stop tomcat7 if it is running state.

sudo kill -9 PID

kill any processe.

10  ls -al

show all file and folder in working directory.

11 pwd

12. history

Show terminal history

13. unzip

extract the zip file

14.   tar -zxvf ellipse9.2.2.tar.gz

extract the tar file

15.  mysql -uroot -proot

For use mysql

16.   mysqldump -u root -p database_name > dump_file_name.sql

Create file name


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