StringUtils.isNotBlank() VS StringUtils.isNotEmpty() in Java

We will discuss example of  StringUtils.isNotBlank() and StringUtils.isNotEmpty() in Java in this tutorial . We see different examples of  stringutils isnotblank vs isnotempty . Let’s see isnotblank vs isnotempty coding examples .First we discuss  about stringutils.isnotblank() and then stringutils.isnotempty() .

Example of StringUtils.isNotBlank()

Now we see StringUtils.isNotBlank() example . StringUtils.isNotBlank() method have prototype as below.

public static boolean isNotBlank(String str)


str – the String to check

Returns: true if the String is not empty and not null and not whitespace.

stringutils.isnotblank() checks if a String is not empty (“”), not null and not whitespace only.

StringUtils.isNotBlank(null) = false

StringUtils.isNotBlank(“”) = false

StringUtils.isNotBlank(” “) = false

StringUtils.isNotBlank(“java”) = true

StringUtils.isNotBlank(“java  “) = true

Example of StringUtils.isNotEmpty() Method

Now we see StringUtils.isNotEmpty() method example . The prototype of StringUtils.isNotEmpty() as

public static boolean isNotEmpty(String str)

str – the String to check, may be null

true if the String is not empty and not null

Method StringUtils.isNotEmpty()  , checks if a String is not empty (“”) and not null.

StringUtils.isNotEmpty(null)      = false
StringUtils.isNotEmpty(“”)        = false
StringUtils.isNotEmpty(” “)       = true
StringUtils.isNotEmpty(“java”)     = true
StringUtils.isNotEmpty(“java  “) = true

In this tutorial we learned stringutils.isnotblank() and stringutils.isnotempty() example . We are also seen stringutils isnotempty vs isnotblank example . You can learn more string program in java for practice .

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