How To Install Openfire XMPP Server On Ubuntu

In this tutorial we will see openfire installation steps in ubuntu . In this article we will learn how to install openfire ubuntu . if you are going to build your own ubuntu instant messaging server using openfire , then i will recommend to you read openfire tutorial . Let’s see steps for openfire installation .

How To Setup Openfire xmpp Server

Step 1: Downlaod Openfire from this link : openfire download or you can download openfire from this website igniterealtime 

Step 2:   Exact tar file

Step 3:  In this step we will learn How to start openfire service in Ubuntu . For this we go to bin folder and run this command

./openfire start

On your terminal you get such message

openfire/bin$  ./openfire start
testing JVM in /usr ...
Starting openfire

step 4:  Now go to browser and hit url


if you use local machine otherwise use ip address of machine. We can see such page and click to continue .

Step 5:  In this step you will select domain and admin port. By default admin console port 9090 and secure admin port is 9091 .Domain is ip address of machine. If you want to run openfire then you can use localhost as domain. Click continue for step step of openfire installation.


openfire instalation

Step 6: In this step of openfire installation you will select database settings. If you donot know about it more i suggest to you click continue .

openfire installation

Step 7 :  In this step we will learn openfire database setup.  Wewill select database for openfire. For example if i use mysql database then i fill all fields as requirement . i select mysql database then in database url i fill up database name and mysql hostname and more parameter as my requirements .  There is usename mysql usename and password is mysql password.


Step 8: Click to continue:


Step 9:  In This Step you will step administrator account of openfire. Select password for openfire admin.

Step 10. Click Login to admin console of openfire.

Step 11. Use usename and password for openfire administration , which are you have selected during openfire installation .


Step 12: See Openfire Admin Account as

After that you need to learn this tutorial for openfire devlopment  Openfire Tutorial

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