How to install Spark IM client in ubuntu

In previous tutorial we have learned how to install openfire .  In this tutorial we will learn how to install Spark IM Client in ubuntu . Spark Im client is xmpp client. I will recommended to you read this article first how to install openfire xmpp server in ubuntu. After that you need xmpp client for chating. Now We will learn how to install spark on ubuntu . Actually Firstly we need install openfire server then we can connect using spark client.

How to Install spark on ubuntu

Step 1: Download Xmpp Client Spark from this link : Download Spark  or you can download openfire from this website igniterealtime .

Step 2: Extract tar file.

Step 3: Go to Spark Folder and run this command


Now you will see spark is running on you machine.

Step 4: Now you can login on xmpp server using spark


How to install xmpp client spark
You can create new account on xmpp server using spark
In this tutorial we have learned spark installation on ubuntu . You can install spark in your machine using these steps. You can build a test environment using openfire and spark client. If you are looking build your own instant messaging server ,then you should read openfire tutorial , where i have explained openfire examples .

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