How to create reactjs app

This is post about how to create your first reactjs application . You can follow reactjs tutorial step by step on this link reactjs tutorial for beginners  For install and use ReactJS, We need two things: Node.js and NPM. So firstly  install Node.js and npm in your system.

Node.js is a Javascript run-time environment that allow us to execute Javascript code like if we were working on a server.
NPM is a package manager for Javascript, that is, NPM allows us to install Javascript libraries.

After Install Node.js and NPM , you should follow these below steps :

1. First, install the global package.

npm install create-react-app -g

2. Create a new project called demo-app:

create-react-app <Project Name>

create-react-app demo-app

3. Run the project

cd demo-app

npm start

for production use :
npm run build

4. Now open browser with localhost:3000

In next post we will discuss Project Structure of ReactJS Application .


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